Association de la Société Civile au programme H2020

L'association la Recherche en Action REACT, l'association Changement Climatique et Développement Durable 2C2D et l'Association Eau et Développement AED ont construit l’« Alliance civile Réussir l’Association Tunisienne H2020 » afin d’œuvrer pour la réussite de l’association de la Tunisie au programme H2020. Les principales recommandations de la Société Civile (CS) sont: Développer un

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Workshop on “Modelling for sustainable Groundwater Management”, October 23th-27th, 2017

The Tunisian Committee of Hydrogeology (TCH/CTH) will organize a workshop on “Modelling for sustainable Groundwater Management” in Tunis (Tunisia), October 23th to 27th, 2017. The workshop aims at learning and promoting the discovery of knowledge and decision-making tools applied to the functioning of groundwater sources, enabling participants exchange of information, comparative

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Congress on groundwater and global change in the western Mediterranean, 6-9 November 2017

A congress on groundwater and global change in the western Mediterranean  will be organized in Granada (Spain), 6-9 November 2017, by Spanish Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists with the collaboration of the French, Moroccan, Portuguese and Tunisia Chapters and Algerian Groups. Download the first circular Deadline manuscrpt submission: June 5th 2017 If you

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